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Cruise Your Way to Dubai

Dubai, the city of Gold not only provides gold ornaments but it also offers golden opportunities for yachts so that you can cruise your way to Dubai. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the blissful nature experiencing the shining sun on your head and feeling the ocean breeze. The city has many beautiful destinations including the Burj Khalifa and the immensely popular the Dubai Mall. Indulge in site seeing with your family and friends enjoying all luxurious services.

Popular Dishes of Dubai

Dubai cuisines have everything on its platter to offer you so as to make your trip scrumptiously amazing. You will get an amazing combination of Iranian, Arabic and Lebanese food. Dubai food leaves you tasking your fingers for a longer time. The magical aroma of the piquant delicacies in Dubai will give you a foodgasm for sure. Dubai food is a paradise for the meat lovers. Looking for the luscious breakfast? You can enjoy Manousheh which is the local pizza and a perfect choice for piquant taste buds. The exotic flavors of olive oil, earthy herbs and cheese make your breakfast delightful. It is amongst the amazing ways to kick-starting your day in Dubai. Dubai has everything for bread lovers to the kebab lovers. Chelo kababs are also one of the mouth-watering dishes in Dubai. Well, even if you are a pure vegetarian, don’t worry! Dubai has everything for you as well. Flavored with blueberry and corn the Tabbouleh salad is worth trying in Dubai for the vegetable lovers. Shirin Polo is an absolute delight for the dessert lovers! Garnished with barberries and pistachio ice cream this dish leaves you stunned with its taste. Do you eat falafel in your city? Falafel in Dubai is the exotic dish and a typical Dubai dish which people love to relish.

Exotic Dinner Cruise - Royal Star Yachts

As Royal Star Yachts are the best cruising rental Company it provides the best services to the travelers. We ensure that we have delicious and delightful food to offer to the food lovers. Food keeps you going and enjoying different cuisines of Dubai is an absolute delight for the foodies out there. We offer absolutely amazing dining experience to all the travelers. We have luxurious dining arrangements and serve you hot and scrumptious food. The magical aroma of the food we serve depicts all about its taste. We make sure that you leave the dining table praising the food. Enjoying the beautiful sites of Dubai having amazing flavors on your plate becomes even more delightful. We have some of the best options for snacking in between the destinations. Our menu is equipped with the exotic and traditional dishes of Dubai. We have both kinds of food vegetarian and non-vegetarian. We treat our guests as God. We offer a large variety of food to relish your experience.

Cruise your way to Dubai with us and enjoy exotic dinner options. We are absolutely loved by the food lovers as we offer delightful food to charm their taste buds.